Stihl 2-Stroke Oil 1 Ltr – Measuring Bottle

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High-quality mineral oil-based 2 stroke engine oil, Excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Developed for Stihl engines but suitable for all types of 2 stroke engines. Fuel/oil ratio 50:1 Stihl 2 stroke oil is manufactured from high-grade mineral oils to provide excellent lubrication to your engine. Stihl 2 stroke oil improves performance by lubricating the engine so that you experience less friction while you’re cutting. This oil must be mixed with petrol in the amount to lubricate a 2-stroke engine effectively, Fuel / oil ratio 50: 1

  • Original Stihl two-stroke engine oil
  • Specially developed for Stihl engines
  • Fuel / oil ratio 50: 1 = 1 Ltr oil + for 50 litres of fuel
  • Mineral oil based 2-stroke engine oil
  • Excellent lubrication and combustion properties