Skinners Field & Trial Chicken & Rice

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Indulge your dog with the delectable flavour of Skinner’s Field & Trial Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food, specially crafted to cater to the unique nutritional requirements of active adult dogs. Watch as your dog’s anticipation grows with every bite of this mouthwatering blend, featuring tender chicken pieces expertly combined with wholesome rice and nutrient-rich vegetables.

Not only does Skinner’s Field & Trial Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food tantalize your dog’s taste buds, but it also delivers an array of vital health benefits. The inclusion of premium chicken provides a rich source of protein, essential for maintaining robust muscles and strong bones. Enriched with a careful selection of essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, this formula guarantees a meticulously balanced nutrient profile for your dog’s overall well-being.

Skinner’s Field & Trial Adult Chicken & Rice Dry Dog Food at a glance:

  • Balanced dry food curated for active adult dogs
  • Made with chicken: a protein powerhouse that fosters sturdy muscles and bones
  • Enriched with essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements: crafting a harmonious nutritional symphony
  • With a diverse array of carbohydrates: the perfect energy source for an active dog
  • Tantalising texture: caters to even the most discerning eaters