Lubricating Oil With PTFE – 500ml

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SL-90 is high performance viscous lubricating oil with PTFE packed in aerosol for convenience. It is high quality mineral lubricating oil formulation is designed to grip metal parts. SL90 contains a special blend of anti-rust agents which protects all surfaces against corrosion, and PTFE. SL-90 is formulated to have excellent adhesiveness to metal parts. The PTFE content reinforces the is oil film layer and provide lubrication for metal to metal parts for longer periods of time than could be achieve with oil film coatings. PTFE has the lowest coefficient of friction of any of the solid additive product. SL-90 is highly refined clean mineral oil is reinforced with P.T.F.E. flakes. SL-90 Lubricating oil spray with P.T.F.E. content is an excellent anti-seize agent and prevents metal to metal surface adhesion. SL-90 provides lubrication resistant to high pressure. SL-90 is tolerant of high temperatures (PTFE content) stable up to +250ºC and suitable for temperatures as low as -20ºC. P.T.F.E. is electrically non-conductive and inert. SL-90 lubricating oil with P.T.F.E. remains on the metal surface should the lubricant dry with age therefore giving long term prevention of seizing. Particularly effective on automotive parts, conveyors, locks, or where a degree of anti-seize is required.